Backlinks?: an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.

Always remember “links quality matters, not the quantity”, so always try to get backlinks from websites related to your niche or high value.”

Having 100 unreliable or low quality is equal to getting 10 Quality Backlinks.

1. Submit Guest posts to the blogs related to your niche only.

2. keep commenting on blogs posts related to your niche.

3. link/register your blog to forums of your niche & start engaging with the audience on the forums.

4. Whenever you publish something always social bookmark your blog pages.

5. Write and start answering in platforms like Quora.

6. Give linkbacks and get links from bloggers related to your niche.

7. List your blog on Directories like DMOZ.

8. Submit your content to document sharing sites with URL.

9. submit your blog to high authority gov, org sites.